Lost For 6 Years, Alex Is Reunited With His Family **YOUR Humane Society SPCA Celebrated Valentine’s Reunion of a Chihuahua Lost For Six Years** In 2013, 2 month old Chihuahua pup, Alex, found his forever home with the Stone family in Naples, Florida. Life was great with his very own two boys and a big dog brother Thunder until his dog bro moved away with Grandma. Alex was distraught and dug out of his fenced yard likely in search of Thunder. Alex’s heartbroken family searched and searched on their own too, but the weeks turned into months, which led to years, and they heard nothing. They never forgot Alex as he remained in their hearts. Just this past Valentine’s holiday, 6 years later, a Good Samaritan in Sumter County, Florida (225+ miles away) found this little bedraggled dog and brought him to YOUR Humane Society SPCA, Sumter’s oldest and largest no-kill shelter serving their community for 38 years. The shelter’s team scanned the dog for a microchip, and suddenly this lost pup had a name – Alex – and Alex had a family! The reunion took place on Valentine’s weekend and what a reunion it was! The anxious family was concerned that their then puppy would not remember them now but Alex could not contain his sheer joy of seeing them again. They all stood hugging a giddy pup who regained his identity and his long lost family. The family cried, the shelter staff and volunteers cried, this story-writer cried, all while Alex wriggled in sheer delight. Later, Alex had more good fortune as he was also reunited with his best bud Thunder! There is nothing more touching than finding your long-lost love. YOUR Humane Society SPCA was so pleased to make another wonderful reunion happen! If only Alex could tell us where he has been and what happened to him during those six long years he was missing, but one thing is for sure…microchips work! YOUR Humane Society SPCA encourages pet owners to never give up hope if separated from their pets. However, reunions can happen more often thanks to the owners registering their pet’s microchip and keeping their contact info up to date. A microchip can be that one simple key factor to get your pet returned to you should something disastrous occur. Learn more about YOUR Humane Society SPCA at and help make a difference! Story: YOUR Humane Society SPCAさんの投稿 2020年3月2日月曜日