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インディーゲームアワード「IGF Awards」第23回ファイナリスト発表―個性豊かな作品がずらり


インディーゲームアワード「IGF Awards」第23回ファイナリスト発表―個性豊かな作品がずらり

インディゲームの祭典「Independent Games Festival」にて選出されるアワードの第23回ファイナリスト作品が発表されました。300人以上の審査員による第一次審査を通過した後に、業界の多様な専門家による最終審査を経て選出されたノミネート作品は以下の通り。大賞の「Seumas McNally Grand Prize」部門には『Paradise Killer』、『Teardown』、『Chicory: A Colorful Tale』、『Genesis Noir』、『Umurangi Generation』、『Spiritfarer』の6作品が選出されています。Seumas McNally Grand PrizeParadise Killer(Kaizen Game Works)Teardown(Tuxedo Labs)Chicory: A Colorful Tale(The Chicory Team)Genesis Noir(Feral Cat Den)Umurangi Generation(Origame Digital)Spiritfarer(Thunder Lotus)○佳作A Monster's Expedition(Through Puzzling Exhibitions)(Draknek & Friends)Blaseball(The Game Band)Bugsnax(Young Horses)Carto(Sunhead Games)Disc Room(Kitty Calis, Jan Willem Nijman, Terri Vellmann, Doseone)NUTS(Joon, Pol, Muuutsch, Char & Torfi)OMORI(OMOCAT)Spelunky 2(Mossmouth, BlitWorks)There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension(Draw Me A Pixel)Excellence in AudioSay No! More(Studio Fizbin)Blind Drive(Lo-Fi People)Sunlight(Krillbite Studio)Genesis Noir(Feral Cat Den)Spiritfarer(Thunder Lotus)A Monster's Expedition(Through Puzzling Exhibitions)(Draknek & Friends)○佳作Ikenfell(Happy Ray Games)Stilstand(Ida Hartmann & Niila Games)BPM: BULLETS PER MINUTE(Awe Interactive)Creaks(Amanita Design)In Other Waters(Jump Over the Age)Olija(Thomas Olsson / Skeleton Crew Studio, Inc.)Chicory: A Colorful Tale(The Chicory Team)Mixolumia(davemakes)Best Student GameVessels(Local Space Survey Corps, LLC)Dorfromantik(Toukana Interactive)Some Old Stuff(Hao Fan, Harry(Weizhong), Chen, Haku(Minyan Cai), Emi Schaufeld)Rainy Season(Inasa Fujio)SYMPHONIA(Guillaume Roux, Nicolas Derio, Pierre Vrel, Guillaume Gille, Alexis Grand, Simon Larguier, Martin Lepretre, Corentin Pauvrasseau, Kilian Dufour, Alexandre Mansois, Quentin Vernet, Hicham Benrhannou, Olivier Esman)Hadr(Dominik Konečný of Ateliér Duchů)○佳作Quest 4 Papa(Rumba Corp)Bots Are Stupid(Leander Edler-Golla)FAITH: The Unholy Trinity,(Airdorf Games)Liquidators(1986 CL3)Pink Gum(Mad Cream Games)Running Souls(Bar Levi, Asaf Kali, Yakir Oz, Michal Shoshan)Flicker of Hope(Studio Whip)Sketchball(Pincun Liu)Bunny Hill(Brendan Roarty)Excellence in DesignTeardown(Tuxedo Labs)Disc Room(Kitty Calis, Jan Willem Nijman, Terri Vellmann, Doseone)Shady Part of Me(Douze Dixièmes)There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension(Draw Me A Pixel)Signs of the Sojourner(Echodog Games)A Monster's Expedition(Through Puzzling Exhibitions)(Draknek & Friends)○佳作Boomerang X(DANG!)Ancient Enemy(Grey Alien Games & Jim Rossignol)Biped(NExT Studios)Ynglet(Nifflas & Triple Topping)Chicory: A Colorful Tale(The Chicory Team)Moncage(Optillusion)Airborne Kingdom(The Wandering Band)The Last Cube(Improx Games)Excellence in NarrativeLost Words: Beyond the Page(Sketchbook Games)Across the Grooves(Nova-box)Genesis Noir(Feral Cat Den)Umurangi Generation(Origame Digital)Haven(The Game Bakers)In Other Waters(Jump Over the Age)○佳作Spiritfarer(Thunder Lotus)NUTS(Joon, Pol, Muuutsch, Char & Torfi)Blaseball(The Game Band)Inkslinger(Gateway: Jacob Hvid Amstrup and Lucas A. V. Møller)Paradise Killer(Kaizen Game Works)South of the Circle(State of Play)Stilstand(Ida Hartmann & Niila Games)Blind Drive(Lo-Fi People)Excellence in Visual ArtGenesis Noir(Feral Cat Den)Arrog(Hermanos Magia and Leap Game Studios)In Other Waters(Jump Over the Age)Shady Part of Me(Douze Dixièmes)Call of the Sea(Out of the Blue)Carto(Sunhead Games)○佳作Stilstand(Ida Hartmann & Niila Games)Bloodroots(Paper Cult)OMORI(OMOCAT)Chicory: A Colorful Tale(The Chicory Team)Going Under(Aggro Crab)Umurangi Generation(Origame Digital)Nuovo AwardBlaseball(The Game Band)Nightmare Temptation Academy(Lena NW & Costcodreamgurl)THAT NIGHT, STEEPED BY BLOOD RIVER(Taylor Swietanski)Airplane Mode(Bacronym)Welcome to Elk(Triple Topping)Umurangi Generation(Origame Digital)Chasing Light(Vittgen Inc.)Kristallijn(Gaël Bourhis)○佳作Cai Cai Balão(LookUp Games at DADIU 2020)Genesis Noir(Feral Cat Den)Gnosia(Petit Depotto)Liquidators(1986 CL3)Night Dreams(Salem Hughes)Rainy Season(Inasa Fujio)Stilstand(Ida Hartmann & Niila Games)There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension(Draw Me A Pixel)最終的な受賞作品は現地時間7月19日から23日までバーチャルイベントとして開催される「Game Developers Conference 2021」の中で7月21日に発表予定です。